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Command Line Arguments PluginCommand Line Arguments plugin will allow you to retrieve Command Line arguments/options by importing that information into UBot environment; it will provide you with 1 command and 1 function which will let you to access attribute/options that were provided when executable was started. You can imagine it as alternative way of loading information from file or UI, by provide that information as attributes when executable gets started.


Command line argument is an item of information provided provided to a program  when it gets started. The command that starts the program can have many arguments (separated by spaces) and they usually provide some extra information about how program should execute.

Command Line Arguments

On one side arguments usually provide information that identifies sources or destinations of information that is later used by the program. An example for that is Windows CMD (Command Prompt) function called “md” (make directory), which creates a directory that is provided as a argument to md function (for example: “md directory” would create a directory with name “directory” and “md c:\directory” would create the same directory in root of c:).

Command Line Options

On the other side Command Line Options always start with slash “/” and they usually provide information which alters the flow/behavior of your application. For example: in CMD all of the functions have Command Line Option “/?”, which instead of executing the program displays the help for that function.


The command and function work in similar manner, they just provide the same information in different format. You should also notice that 1st argument is always executable name which can sometimes also include exe path (when you provide the path when you start the executable).

FUNCTION: Command Line Arguments

Function - Command Line Arguments ListFunction “Command line Arguments” will return information as a single string, where attributes are delimited by a space.

COMMAND: Command Line Arguments List

Command - Command Line ArgumentsCommand named “Command Line Arguments List” will return UBot list where each argument/option is represented by a new list item. I believe this is the command you will be using mostly since it’s easier to extract specific arguments from a list (when compared to string).


You can use the information provided by the plugin to alter the behavior of your UBot compiled executable.


Bellow are two simple examples that will demonstrate the use of this plugin:

Navigate To URL From Arguments

A simple example of use is providing a URL as argument when starting an application. One could use that if he would be building a WEB crawler with UBot, and to crawl different pages he would just need to start UBot compiled file with different arguments.

To test this could it’s best to compile it and start it with this CMD command:

Save To Folder From Arguments

For example you could have multiple instances of UBot compiled executables getting executed from one location but they would be saving output to a different location.

To test this code start it with CMD command:



Escape Arguments With Blank Spaces

If you argument string contains a blank space, you should escape it with double quoting the whole argument. For example if you would want to pass a folder which includes a blank space as parameter you would pass that argument this way:

 Starting Non-UBot files

I noticed that there is a confusion around this plugin and a lot of people think that they can start non-UBot executables with it, which is wrong. This plugin is only meant to to help you when you are starting UBot executables with parameters; for starting other (non-UBot) executables with or without parameters you should use “Advanced Shell” Plugin or UBot native “shell” command.




[FREE PLUGIN] Command Line Arguments





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