FREE PLUGIN: MD5 Hash Generator

MD5 Hash GeneratorAs promised, I’m publishing our first FREE UBot Plugin called MD5 Hash Generator.

Plugin consist of 2 functions, which will help you to get MD5 hash value from a string or file directly in UBot Studio (it replaces the need for a workaround, like running MD5Sums.exe in Command Prompt and using Java Script or even 3rd party websites).
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Hello Ubotters!

At first I would like to kindly welcome you. My name is Tadej and I have decided to start this blog project because I’m a huge fan of UBot and was utilizing its power from year 2010 when I first meet it. I really must admit that buying UBot was the best investment, since it offers the easiest and time efficient way to Automate Web and other Windows based tasks (especially v4, including Plugin API – which I think will take UBot to the whole new level :)).
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