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FREE PLUGIN: Advanced Shell

Command Line WindowAdvanced Shell plugin will add 5 new UBot commands/functions to your UBot environment, and will allow you to hide that annoying Shell/Command Prompt window (“cmd.exe” will run in background), run Batch File Commands directly from UBot (no external batch files needed) and even retrieve the output from Command Prompt with UBot function (instead of reading additional files).

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DATETIME ManipulationDATETIME Manipulation plugin will make your life easier when dealing with any kind of date/time format/language. It allows you to convert any date/time to any other format, including conversion from one language/culture to another. For easy of use plugin supports UBOT standard date and time format “$date”, UNIX time-stamp and a few other standard date/time formats.

This plugin will add one new UBot function to your UBot environment, and  the function is called $datetime manipulation. Once its ran it will recognize the input date and/or time (specified by Input Format parameter), and it will convert it into a custom date and/or time format (specified by “Output Format”).

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FREE PLUGIN: URI Encode/Decode

URI Encode/DecodeURI Encode/Decode plugin will help you to Encode/Decode parts of URLs faster, without workaround. Currently we had to use JavaScript functions to be able to perfom such encoding/decoding, but now this plugin allows you to do that right inside UBot, with native UBot function.

This type of encoding/decoding is used when  information is transferred through URL parameters. Replacements are made so that valid URLs are maintained (parameter value that contains (decoded) “&” would mean the end of value for that parameter) and information isn’t changed during the transfer (space ” ” could be treated as “+” if not escaped properly).

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FREE PLUGIN: MD5 Hash Generator

MD5 Hash GeneratorAs promised, I’m publishing our first FREE UBot Plugin called MD5 Hash Generator.

Plugin consist of 2 functions, which will help you to get MD5 hash value from a string or file directly in UBot Studio (it replaces the need for a workaround, like running MD5Sums.exe in Command Prompt and using Java Script or even 3rd party websites).
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