FREE PLUGIN: URI Encode/Decode

URI Encode/DecodeURI Encode/Decode plugin will help you to Encode/Decode parts of URLs faster, without workaround. Currently we had to use JavaScript functions to be able to perfom such encoding/decoding, but now this plugin allows you to do that right inside UBot, with native UBot function.

This type of encoding/decoding is used when  information is transferred through URL parameters. Replacements are made so that valid URLs are maintained (parameter value that contains (decoded) “&” would mean the end of value for that parameter) and information isn’t changed during the transfer (space ” ” could be treated as “+” if not escaped properly).


Function “$uri encode” will allow you to do encoding in two different ways, using equivalents to  JavaScript functions encodeURI() and encodeURIComponent(). The difference between them is that encodeURI method won’t replace characters “@#$&=:/,;?+”. On other side, decode function doesn’t require input method, while we always want to decode all encoded characters.

FUNCTION: $uri encode(string)

URI Encode function replaces all special/extended characters like (€, ‰, ©, ®, ….) and some of the standard ASCII characters like “,/?:@&=+$#” with their HEX ASCII equivalents (in format “%YY” – % followed by an alphanumeric value).
Using URI Encode
Function Location: “Parameters -> Text Functions”

Function Input: “String to encode” with URI Encoder

Function Returns: URI Encoded string


FUNCTION: $uri decode(string)

URI Decode function works in the opposite way, so it replaces all HEX ASCII representations with their ASCII symbol equivalent.

Using URI Decode in UBot

Function Location: “Parameters -> Text Functions”

Function Input: “String to decode” with URI Decoder

Function Returns: URI Decoded string


Form A Valid URL With URI Encode

In valid URL special characters aren’t allowed, instead they should be encoded with URI encoder. Be sure to use encoding for “query part” of URL, not for the whole URL, since encoding of the whole URL results in improperly formatted URL like:  “…”. Also notice that you should only Encode each string once, since Encoding it twice will result information loss (encoding string “%” once returns “%25”, but encoding it twice will return “%2525”, which would get decoded as “%25”)


Extract/Save Data In Readable Format

When there is a need for extracting data from URL or from any other source that uses this encoding, encoded strings should get decoded before they are saved, so we store data in a human readable format. Notice that decoding won’t affect characters that are already decoded, it will only replace encoded ones.




[FREE PLUGIN] URI Encode/Decode




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