What’s New In UBot Studio v5?

UBot v5 Insight And Release DateI guess you are excited as me and can’t wait for UBot v5 release. Because the information about v5 is cluttered around the forum and inside emails I’ve decided to create a blog post where I’ll be gathering information about what’s new in Ubot Studio v5.

I really hope that v5 is not a result of marketing campaign but a true transformation of UBot Studio. I hope they are going to completely re-design the way we are interacting with UBot and make coding easier and more time efficient. Beside that I also hope that some changes are made around the browser, since most of the community had and has a lot of problems with it (browser crashing…). I also think we would need better ways to interact with web pages, which use things like “flash interfaces”, “site opening in new window”,”popups like alert”,…

However, I can’t wait to get more information on this new version I’ll be updating this post until the release. 🙂  of this highly anticipated version.

UBot Studio v5 Release Date

According to the email sent to affiliates on 3rd of August, UBot v5 will be released over 2 months, so I think they are planning to release on start of the October.


UBot v5 release was delayed, so it got into our hands on October 8th 2013, but the version still contained a lot of bugs so it was not usable (not sure what they were doing in beta stage?).

Is UBot Studio v5 A Free Upgrade?

Yes, according to UBot support team UBot v5.0 is a free update for all users subscribed to UBot updates, here is their answer:

We have never asked you to pay additional update costs for major version changes and don’t plan to do it now. If you’re subscribed to updates, you’ll be updated to version 5.0 for no additional costs.

UBot v5 Compatibility

Ubot Studio v5 is backward compatible which means it will be able to open your v4 projects (I think v3 still won’t be supported, but I think that’s history already). On the other side UBot Studio v4 won’t support v5 projects, so what’s done in v5 stays in v5, here is their answer:

“Yes you will be able to open UBot 4 bots in UBot 5, but you will not be able to open UBot 5 bots in UBot 4, mostly because there will be features in UBot 5 that will not be available in UBot 4 ofcourse.”

EDIT: While some new features (like sockets) were implemented as UBot plugins, they can also be used in v4 (although features were made for v5).

What’s New In UBot v5?

UBot team is letting us know about 1 new feature per week, although I think they already have all specs for new version (I guess they just want to keep us excited).

However, according to Seth’s email, UBot Studio v5 should allow us to build faster and more complex applications while maintaining simplicity.

UBot Studio v5 Features

Improved Security and UBot Secure Service

While previous generation of Ubot compiled bots were quite vulnerable (black-hatters even made a decompiler), UBot team finally decided to improve the protection of applications made with UBot.

First, UBot v5 and its compiled bots are coded in C++, which makes reverse engineering much harder, at least compared to previously used .NET.

Second,  UBot team will be providing a new service with monthly subscription called UBot Secure, which is a licensing protection system, which will allow UBot developers to control licensing for their compiled bots and deploy automatic updates, all from one central platform hosted online.

This feature is not yet available but you can get some insights from video bellow:


Drag and Drop UI Editor

While drag and drop UI editors were getting more and more popular in the community, UBot team also decided to create it’s own one, which will be included in every version of UBot (with styling and HTML export only available to UBot DEV users).

Creating UIs with new UI editor will be easier and faster than it was in UBot v4, where STD and PRO users had to drag every individual UI element into the node view and wait for UI to refresh and DEV users had to code their UI with HTML, from scratch for each bot.

How does it work? I think it’s best you check this video:



Script Recorder

Building bots with UBot Studio is getting even easier that it was…

In version 4 we had to manually drag HTML elements to node (code) view or right click on them and select the action we wanted to perform on that element, which was a bit time consuming when I look back at it now. In UBot v5 that process is automated, all we’ll have to do is to turn on the recorder and  interact with web page like a normal user would, in its default browser, and UBot will be transforming recorded actions into UBot commands – usable UBot code.

Take a look how it looks in action:

Although it looks nice I’m a bit skeptical about building bots by totally relying on newly added recorder, but I’m 100% sure that that we’ll all benefit from it; it will make learning and building bots easier for newcomers and it will speed up our coding process by generating some code which we can use as basis to build more advanced bots.

Socket Browsing

Finally good old Sockets are coming back to UBot. Yes, you heard it right…we are getting sockets that we used in v3.5, which will make our bots a lot faster and memory/CPU friendly.

For those who don’t know, sockets works similar to how browser does, it’s just that they don’t have to render/display the web page (HTML) which takes automation with UBot to a new level regarding performance.

SQL Server and SQLite

Thankfully UBot team is providing some new ways to store the data, since tables and lists just couldn’t handle large data sets. They are not providing any further info on this, and I can’t wait to see how they implement that and finally get my fingers on.

Built In Scheduler

UBot SchedulerOn of the most popular suggestions from forum is getting it’s way into UBot; new built in scheduler that will allow you to schedule bots or UBot commands, where I guess we’ll have a range of standard triggers like daily, weekly, …(I also hope they are going to add advanced triggers like the ones Windows scheduler has). The best thing around this is that final user of your compiled program will also be able to use it.

Built In Installer

UBot Studio v5 will allow us to build compressed stand-alone install packages, that will also contain any files that the compiled bots need (like images for UI, config files and other UBot required files), so that bots won’t need to connect to server to get them anymore.

I think this will make compiled bots more robust and our builds faster, since we won’t have to use another software and project for that part.

Regular Expression Builder

UBot Studio v5: REgular Expression Builder

I was actually working on something similar for UBot v4, but it looks like I shouldn’t show my work in progress before the release (here is the video of my version which does exactly what UBot builder does, so I stopped working on it ).

However, it looks like builder will be able to pull in HTML from browser/UBot and highlight the matches based on the expression you enter. Besides manually building the pattern, you will also have option to pick the common expressions from a list, which will make regular expression available to more people.

Too bad I didn’t release my version earlier. :/

Spintax Editor

UBot Studio v5: Spintax Editor

With Spintax Editor UBot is expanding it’s spintax engine by adding a simple feature to help us build articles for spinning. It looks like to me that it’s something similar to TheBestSpinner software, which I usually used for spinning content. It will allow us to easily spin the text you enter by suggesting synonyms  for each word/phrase we choose.

I don’t find this feature very useful (maybe someone can prove me wrong), since we don’t actually need that as part of UBot, at least not at development stage. By that said I can only find it useful one way, if it can be used by the final user, who is running compiled version, since he is the one that will be providing content in most of the cases.

If this editor will work well, we could use it as free alternative to an army of spinning tools out there.


Price Might Go Up Any Time

P.S.: If you are not subscribed for UBot updates make sure you subscribe before v5 release – before they may change the price.

P.P.S.: If you are not owning UBot Studio yet you may want to hurry up with your purchase, since price might go up with UBot Studio v5 release.

If you enjoyed this post or you have any insights or expectations about UBot v5, please fell free to share them by leaving a comment.

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